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APPLE FIBER Powder, 200g / 7oz

$6.99 Price

APPLE FIBER POWDER, 200g / 7 oz - helps to maintain the proper functioning of the digestive system by regulating the work of the intestines. This product also promotes the weight loss process.

Vital Fibre, 200g / 7oz

$9.99 Price

VITAL FIBER, 200g / 7 oz - supports the treatment of digestive system diseases, cleanses the body and removes unnecessary toxins, lowers the level of sugar and blood pressure, supports the fight against cholesterol and atherosclerosis, reduces appetite, giving you a feeling of fullness, which supports the weight loss process.

Milk Thistle Ground 50g / 1.76oz

$2.99 Price

MILK THISTLE GROUND - helps protect the liver, supports digestion, cleanses the body, helps maintain the physiological balance of sugars, and protects against free radicals

Barley Grass Powder, 250g / 8.8oz

$10.99 Price

Barley Grass Powder, 250 g / 8.8 oz - it is effective in skin diseases such as acne, eczema, atopic dermatitis, it has a beneficial effect on the digestive system, anti-inflammatory properties, supports the elimination of toxins from the body, helps lower cholesterol levels, thanks to the content of chlorophyll, it helps to deacidify the body, thanks to a large amount of fiber, it is helpful in weight loss, fights free radicals, thanks to the high content of magnesium, it reduces the effects of long-term stress and helps in the proper functioning of the nervous system.