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100% Raw Natural Bee Bread 4oz / 113g

$18.99 Price

100% Raw Natural Bee Bread 4oz / 113g - Strengthens the body's immune system, and supports treatment with pharmaceuticals. It provides many nutrients to the body and strengthens the nervous system, which is why it is used in the treatment of depression and enhances creative thinking.

100 % Raw Natural Bee PROPOLIS 4oz /113g

$23.99 Price

100 % Raw Natural Bee Propolis 4oz / 113g - immune system support, for gum, dental, or sore throat issues. It perfectly accelerates skin regeneration, which is why it has been known for centuries for its beneficial effects on wounds, herpes, ulcers, frostbites, burns, and impetigo. It can be successfully used in the treatment of postoperative wounds and scars.